Collaborative Resources Ecosystem (CoRE)

Central to the Innovation Center is the Collaborative Resources Ecosystem (CoRE). This dedicated space, spanning 30,000 square feet, is accessible to Innovation Center partners.

For more information about GuideWell's Innovation CoRE, please feel free to visit 

Strategic Areas of Focus

GuideWell will share the CoRE with its affiliated partners and use the GuideWell Innovation Center to pursue advances in the following strategic domains: 

Digital Health and Remote Management

Pursues commercialization of innovations, including wearables and undetectable devices, sensors and intelligent homes

Next Generation Consumer Engagement

Focuses on consumer analytics, behavioral motivation and social connectivity to persuade consumers to better manage their health

Advanced Care Delivery

Examines service models of care such as personalized medicine and medical animation/simulation

Computational Health

Advances predictive health analytics using complex data sets to improve outcome

Health care Financing

Evaluates new models for risk-based financing and payment

Wellbeing & Human Performance

Focuses on optimizing human capabilities through nutrition, sports, prevention, home health and workplace wellness

Health Policy

Focuses on health care reform, including Medicare, Medicaid, insurance and data regulations