Lake Nona

Lake Nona is a 17-sq-mile, integrated community conceived and designed by Tavistock Development Company to be a progressive city of the future anchored by clusters of excellence in health and wellness, sports, education and technology. Through significant self-investment and public-private partnerships, Tavistock has created this fast-growing, neo-urban environment in Orlando, Florida that inspires institutions, people and business to thrive.

Lake Nona has a culture of health and wellness built into its DNA. The community was created as an eco-system that promotes a healthy lifestyle, sustainability, social connection and learning. Some of the unique features of Lake Nona include:

  • 44 miles of walking, running & biking trails allows the people of Lake Nona to stay active.

  • Free community events such as outdoor yoga and farmer's markets.

  • A variety of sporting events including world-class golf, Run Nona and ADA’s Tour de Cure.

  • Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, an executive-level program to improve health, energy level and mental sharpness.

  • Healthier "built environments" created by wellness pioneer, Delos, adding features to residences and commercial buildings, including high-quality air standards, non-toxic materials and other green amenities.

Lake Nona continues to attract forward-thinking business innovators and highly educated residents committed to building a modern, 21st century community that enables meaningful and impactful lives.

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